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Company History
On July 19, 1950 at a special meeting it was approved to purchase a new 1950 Ford F-800 chassis from the Ennis and Deakyne Company of Smyrna. The wheelbase was specified as 178 inches. A fire equipment package for this chassis was purchased from the Capital Fire Equipment Company of Roanoke, VA and was mounted on the chassis by the Oren Roanoke Company. The package included a 750-gallon per minute multi-stage Hale pump, an 800-gallon water tank, side hose reels, and a lighting plant. This engine was received by the fire company on February 9, 1951 and was stored in N. Lee Remley’s garage until the new firehouse was completed. It was known as Truck 4.

Cheswold School & Future Firehouse
On September 22, 1950 at a special meeting it was approved to purchase the school building from the State Government for $1.00. A clear deed from the State was received in January of 1953 and a mortgage was taken out to remodel the structure. The old firehouse was sold to Nick Sawyer for $4,100.

On December 11, 1950 at a special meeting, it was voted to purchase a used 1947 Buick Dynaflow ambulance from Nick Sawyer for $700 and to “beg all equipment possible”. In the months to follow, twelve members took a first aid course taught by the Fire Chief from Leipsic, H. Allison Helm. Those members were: George Cahall, Joseph B. Roy, John Bamberger, Fred Willey, Earl Asher, Dave Mitchell, Ross Kyle, Phil Messina, Corbit Reynolds, Lloyd Warren, Franklin Luff, and Elbert Golder.

On August 8, 1952 it was approved to accept the donation from Leona Hazel of a used piano that was in need of tuning. A motion was also passed to have the piano tuned.

After making ambulance calls as far north as Odessa and as far south as Little Heaven it was decided to purchase a newer ambulance. At a special meeting held on January 19, 1953 it was decided buy a new 1952 Cadillac ambulance from George Bryson of Smyrna. This ambulance was the first one south of Wilmington to carry four stretchers.

In 1953, John W. Bamberger, Sr. was elected as President of the Delaware Volunteer Fireman’s Association. He was the second member to be elected to that position. Also in that year, Elizabeth Luff McMillan served as President of the Ladies Auxiliary Association.

New Firehouse Dedication - 1953
On April 26, 1953 the new firehouse purchased in 1950 was officially dedicated. Presiding over the event was Governor J. Caleb Boggs who was also joined by Wisconsin Congressman Glenn R. Davis. The two of them had worked together on the bill to create the volunteer fireman’s stamp in 1948. The festivities began at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Edgar J. Boggs (the Governors parents) and proceeded the quarter mile to the new station. The only apparatus in the procession were the new ambulance and fire engine to be housed. Members of Leipsic Fire Company cut the ribbon to officially dedicate the new station while members of Robbins Hose Company and Citizens Hose Company housed the new engine and ambulance respectively. There was a performance by the Citizens Hose Company band and refreshments for all who attended. A special mention was given to W. L. Smith Orchards for making their water available to fire tank wagons for reloading purposes and also for allowing the use of its 1000-gallon tank wagon whenever needed.

On May 13, 1953 it was approved to train Ladies Auxiliary members on the ambulance.

In February of 1954 it was necessary to purchase a new water tank for the 1941 Ford V-8. The water capacity of the new tank was 550 gallons.

To help supplement the income of the fire company the game of Bingo was started on March 12, 1955 and is still being played every Saturday night to this day. At one time it was the largest single source of income for the company.

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